Why Having A Unique Brand Logo Is Important

Creating a unique brand design for your products or company can be extremely difficult. As if coming up with names isn’t difficult on its own already, having a design to stand out among your competitors is even more difficult. Thanks to the internet, there are multiple softwares that allow even amatuer designers to create their own brands as some softwares can be used for free with limited features such as Graphic Spring, Creative Bloq and Logo Maker. This is why companies would hire qualified designers to provide more aesthetically-pleasing designs to attract more consumers or customers. 

If done well, creative designs can help people to easily associate the design with its appropriate company. Think about some of the fast food restaurants, for example. When you see or hear “McDonald’s”, “KFC” or “Baskin Robbins”, you can immediately imagine their logos; the big yellow M, the whitened Colonel Sanders and the letter BR. The importance of designing a brand logo is to become as memorable as possible to the general public even children and the elderly can remember easily. Because brand designs are the company’s identity, some newly established companies who have similar designs with major companies will affect the original design’s reputation. 

One of the great examples of such cases is when Victoria Secret had to sue Victor’s Little Secret for not only sharing a similar name, but also using the same brand design while selling adult toys. Because it uses the same brand design, Victor’s Little Secret is actively ruining Victoria Secret’s reputation as Victoria Secrets has only sold women beauty products and undergarments. This caused the court to favor Victoria Secret and revisit and amend its Trademark Illusion Act to prevent any similar cases from happening in the future. Despite that, it doesn’t stop companies from copying designs of their more successful competitors. As some softwares are made for free, certain brand designs tend to look similar to their major competitors. However, this could serve as an alternative for young designers who could not afford to purchase softwares to build up experience while gaining more knowledge although the features they have access to are limited.

A branding agency Malaysia can help smaller and growing companies to design their brands if they could not hire a designer. These branding agencies act as a middleman to help them stand out by providing counselling and meeting or even exceeding their clients’ expectations. They also help older companies to redesign their brand logos to “modernize” their design and become more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In this modern era, plagiarism is becoming more common, but more people are becoming aware of plagiarism to prevent the damage they will do to their reputation. If you are an aspiring designer, there is nothing wrong with using free or pirating designing softwares if it helps you to improve your skills as long as you don’t copy existing designs and call it your own.

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