Videogame Design Course: Production and Comprehensive Programming

The video game market has grown in recent years, both for internal product development and for export. Along with this growth, their complexity also increased, and at the same time the different profiles required when forming a development team also increased. Because of this, it is difficult for someone who wants to enter the industry to choose which area they would like to pursue. In this course it is proposed to give an introduction on the fundamental professional profiles in video game design, so that later the student knows what area he would like to pursue. One of the industries that raise more money than movies is video games. 

In the Game Design area, you will see the theoretical bases of the game and how to use them to think about its mechanics and dynamics, as well as to be able to balance them. In the art area, the bases of 3D modeling and audio production for video games will be seen, finally, the basic concepts for the production of video games, with the bases of each area the student will be able to decide which one they would like to dedicate the full experience will make a game prototype. To do this, they will see and apply the most popular video game production methodologies to properly monitor and plan them.

Specific objectives

  • Know the basics of video game programming
  • Develop a prototype as a team.
  • Produce audio for video games.
  • Design an elemental inorganic modeling.
  • Design the fundamental mechanics and dynamics of a game
  • Learn to use the basic tools of a video game engine

Evaluation and accreditation modality:

Among the doings one can do in the Virtual Classroom use to be:

Discussion forums: Teachers will moderate forums in which doubts and queries can be presented and which will also function as a means of debate to develop concepts of the course. Similarly, forums will be the main space for generating feedback between tutors and students, thus allowing to build knowledge in a group way and learn from the experiences or visions of fellow students.

Inquiries of the Teacher: The Virtual Campus of Widad University use to have a personal messaging service which allows the student to interact with the teacher individually.

Activities: Individual and / or group activities will be developed for the practical application of the acquired knowledge. All activities are carried out online.

Virtual classes in real time: Classes will be held periodically in videoconference format. These classes, directed by the teacher, will help to extend and accompaniment the topics enclosed in the modules and conversation forums.

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