Top 5 Free Design App To Build Your Business Brand

Top 5 Free Design App To Build Your Business Brand

Before you begin your online business, it is important to have your own brand logo for marketing and make the consumers remember to come back for your products. You can design your own brand logo based on your creativity and vision fitting about your business, or you can search for branding company Malaysia to set up your ideal visual on your brand.

Here are the top 5 free design app to build your business brand and make them famous among your consumers:


It is already established that Canva would be placed at the very top for the app’s vast features on the online design tools which cover more than just logos. Unless you are only after the logo for your brand, you can design banners, prints, and many more which is unlimited for use. With Canva Logo Maker, you are good to go! Canva considers your business and suggests a handful of free templates that you may like to do some analysing before you choose a design of your liking which you can customise using the intuitive tools provided. There are a wide selection of free elements to play and tamper with, unless you do not mind the free selection Canva has, you need to purchase the premium package if you need more choices of designs. Once everything is done and you are satisfied with your design, you may download the finished logo as a PNG or PDF format for free.


If you are looking for a more, sophisticated design app, LogoMakr may be your best bet. Just like any other apps, it provides a set of basic tools. What makes it different from everything else is it has a friendlier range of options and fonts to put your hands on, especially the gradients and flat fills among the highlights of the editing app. However, it is a matter of finding the best befitting icon according to your business taste until you are happy with the cluster of texts and shapes piling on top of each other for that perfect logo to be out and about. Convert branding companies malaysia in PNG format for free and you are done and dusted.


Ever heard of a genius app which can inspire you to various kinds of designs just by the name of your company? MarkMaker is a simple yet clever app which creates the right logo for you by intelligibly using your business name and in an instant, the app will generate suggestions of the logo designs. No rush, take your time to pick the most ideal logo for your brand in just one tap. Furthermore, you can influence the process by adding information about the roles your company plays and the app will do its job to create more designs according to your preferences. Sure, it may take a few scrolling and clicking, but until a masterpiece is created which you love, your effort will not go to waste. Download it in PNG or SVG format and voila, you got yourself the logo of your mind.

It’s that easy to use and you won’t have any trouble with your logo again!

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