Top 3 Online Gacha Games For Fans Of Anime And Gambling

Top 3 Online Gacha Games For Fans Of Anime And Gambling

Gacha games have (unfortunately) consumed my life.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, ‘Gacha’ games stem from the concept of the ‘Gachapon’; a type of vending machine that is pretty popular in Japan wherein you put in a coin, twist a lever, and watch a plastic egg fall out the slot. You can then pop open the egg and see what you got – whether it’s the toy or souvenir that you wanted, or (more often than not, because gacha luck is cruel and unforgiving-) the one you absolutely did not.

Gacha games, as seen from their name, basically work on the same function – albeit with a few extra things involved. For example, gacha games are often also plot-driven, and have a wide cast of (generally) anime characters that you meet in the story and can ‘roll’ for. Basically, these anime characters are the metaphorical ‘eggs’ of the gacha game, all with varying degrees of rarity, and you try your luck everytime you ‘roll’ on the gacha in hopes you might get the character you want (and if your favorite character is locked behind a limited 5 star banner – oof. That’s gacha for you).

These days, gacha games have become increasingly popularized by not just the anime community, but the mainstream gaming one as well. Most gacha games are online, meaning that you need access to fast Internet services like Time Internet.

So if you want to torture yourself- ahem, I mean play some gacha games for yourself, here are the top 3 gacha games you can play online!

1. Fate/Grand Order

A title from the very popular, very complex, and very confusing Fate series, Fate/Grand Order is perhaps the gacha game to end all gacha games. Released in 2014, the game initially rode off the wave of popularity and success of the Fate/Stay Night franchise – but has since accumulated it’s own enormous fanbase, huge cast of characters, and regular players who often praise it’s writing while also bemoaning it’s cruel and unforgiving gacha system.

Story-wise, Fate/Grand Order (aka ‘FGO’) follows a self-insert protagonist as a low-class ‘Master’ in the fictional security organization of Chaldea. However, things very quickly take a turn for the worst when the Command Room suddenly blows up, killing almost every other Master candidate except for you, and wiping out the history of the world as we know it. Now it’s up to you, partnered with Mash Kyrielight (a girl you saved from the explosion), to travel and restore certain points in history and save the world.

2. Genshin Impact

Released just last year in September of 2020, Genshin Impact has since been making huge waves in the gacha game community and mainstream gaming as a whole. The game has had the whole Internet talking for a long period of time, and is still widely discussed today – with story installments still coming out to add to the increasingly complex and intriguing plotline.

Genshin Impact follows the ‘traveller’ protagonist (Aether or Lumine, but you can choose your own name for them), as they and their sibling are attacked by an unknown God. The sibling you don’t play gets warped away to an unknown location, while you yourself become trapped in the fictional continent of Tevyat; not knowing how the world works and desperate to reunite with your sibling. On the way, you meet friends from various countries, work with them to beat back threats to their nation, all the while gaining new abilities and working to find your lost sibling after they were stolen from you.

3. Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy is yet another well-known name in the gacha game community. Released in 2014 and famously illustrated by the same art designer responsible for the popular Final Fantasy franchise (i.e. Hideo Minaba), it has since accrued wide acclaim from it’s playerbase for it’s well-written story, fascinating world, and wide cast of loveable characters.

Granblue Fantasy follows the ‘captain’ protagonist and their companion Vyrn, who suddenly find themselves rescuing and enmeshed in the story of a girl named Lyria. Lyria is pursued by the Empire and is protected by a defector knight Katalina, who ultimately joins the player and Vyrn’s side. Lyria possesses the power to summon the legendary monster Proto-Bahamut, and after a near-death encounter, uses said power to link her soul to the then dying player character and save them from death. Now Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia linked to her story, the player character joins her in her escape from the clutches of the Empire – all the while finding new friends and new secrets of the world along the way.

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