The Worst Of Gacha Mobile Games

Video games have become more popular and complex recently as it is able to display realistic graphics and stimulating gameplay that would distract players for multiple hours. As technology continues to develop, smartphones are able to run video games almost as impressive as computers. However, unlike the console and computer counterparts, there are plenty of mobile games that are developed by lesser known developers.

The responsibility of mobile application developers is to create a mobile app for their clients that would meet their requirements. Some of these developers are also working as independent developers to generate their own revenue and create more apps to expand their business. Most of these independent developers are usually game developers who create mobile games with trending game features. Most mobile games tend to attract more players as they are usually free-to-play and accessible to all iOS and Android smartphones. In order to compensate for their free-to-play model, these games would usually generate revenue by implementing the gacha feature that consists of characters and equipment that can be obtained by using in-game currencies. Gacha is a popular genre among the gaming community these days as it is one of the best ways for developers to generate revenue. However, it has garnered a lot of hate by the gaming community as these games usually incentivize players to spend real money if they wish to get their desired equipment and/or characters. 

This has led to the popularity of Genshin Impact as it is an open world free-to-play game that can be played in multiple platforms such as PS4, Xbox, computers and smartphones and it is the first gacha game of its kind. However, it is also one of the most hated gacha games among the gaming community as it is known for having one of the worst drop rates along with other negative factors. It has other ways to compensate for its drop rate by allowing players to convert the currency they received from rolling 4 star equipments or characters and ensuring that they will get a 4 star equipment or characters every 10th roll, but what enrages players the most is the fact that some of 5 star characters are so overpowered that they make high level contents trivial, and that is not an exaggeration. With the recent release of Ganyu, a 5 star Cryo archer, she has dominated almost every content with the exception of Cryo themed contents. This is because she has scaling critical damage per ascension and multiple sources that could increase her chances to crit without her artifacts. With some setup, she could potentially deal up to a hundred thousand damage per charged shot. Until now, she has remained the best damage dealer in the game even with a basic setup, making even the most difficult content beaten within a minute.

Although I can talk more about gacha games, this article will be extremely long. If you are looking to play gacha games, I recommend Guardian Tales, Honkai Impact 3rd and Arknights as they have some of the most generous gacha systems.

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