The Change Of Casino Industry

Casinos are a core aspect of a country as they contribute in improving the country’s economy by attracting tourists to their on-site locations. However, the coronavirus has forced most business companies to reduce their workforce or close down. Because of this, casinos are heavily affected as they rely on generating revenue by attracting people to gamble and use their on-site services. However, they are able to adapt with the new business practice during the pandemic through developing a website to provide access to all of their games.

With the development of technology, every casino company is able to create their own online casino to help their loyal members satiate their cravings for gambling. In addition to having access to all of the games, online casinos provide a daily login bonus that rewards loyal members with more rewards. The more they log into the website, the bigger the rewards with the addition to spin for free. To further incentivise their gamblers to use their online services, online casinos would entice their gamblers to become a member that would provide more bonuses and rewards through a monthly subscription. Each tier is different than the other as higher tier memberships would provide more enticing rewards and benefits but at a steeper price. 

Obviously, gambling is frowned upon by every religion because of its nature, but some religion takes their religious teachings seriously. Most Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Brunei prohibit gambling to reinforce their religious teachings. However, Malaysia is one of the few exceptions as it has other religions, mainly Chinese and Indians, making up the majority of the population after Muslims. This would lead to the establishment of the Sharia Law, which inflicts a more punishing fine and longer sentences than the Betting Act to Muslim offenders. The only issue with these laws is that the punishment is too outdated on today’s standards as anyone, including gamblers, could pay off the fine and the jail sentence is too short. Additionally, the surge of online casinos’ population provides an opportunity for scammers to create their own online casinos. Although the police forces are working hard to track down and close illegal gambling sites as much as possible, more sites like these continue to establish. To make matters worse, police officers are not able to pass down the punishment to the offenders when they gamble in online casinos where gambling is legal. 

Since online casinos are easily accessible through a computer or smartphone, most gamblers prefer to stay at home and gamble instead. It gets rid of the hassle of walking to the token counter to get tokens and you can gamble comfortably in your bed. However, casinos provide a unique atmosphere that would boost your motivation and excitement when you gamble. And the best of all, you can save cost and time without having to drive to casinos.

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