The Advance Development Of Smartphone Technology

Recently, we’ve seen a rapid development in our technology. When the first smartphone was created, it was only able to serve the internet and have limited access to apps and the internet. Today, the smartphone has improved drastically as we are able to download various games, apps and continue our work at anytime, anywhere. A smartphone can also host a vast amount of data, with the biggest being 1TB. For reference, most apps and mobile games would only take 1-3 GB the most. And to get 1TB, your phone needs 1024 GB worth of data. This much storage can be found in some of the latest computers or created as an external storage which acts as a mobile storage device.

Smartphones have changed how we consume media in recent years as we have access to the social media platforms on our mobile devices, especially when most of them are downloadable for free. When Facebook was first developed, it shaped how we communicate with each other and how we consume content, which works in tandem with mobile devices as you can download its app for free, allowing you to upload and browse through content as freely as you wish. Of course, this kind of freedom would create issues among youths as they use social media platforms as a form of self-gratification. Aside from mental issues, it also exposes them to plenty of physical issues as well. Most youths at a young age would heavily focus on communicating with their friends online that they would primarily draw their attention to the smartphone, especially when they’re walking or driving. As a result, it has caused many avoidable deaths.

With the increase of popularity and usage of the internet, there is a massive demand of website developers malaysia or any skills related to website development as companies are looking for tech savvy individuals who not only know how to create their ideal website, but also understand the trend among their customers and other businesses. Although websites are generally accessible and easier to navigate on a computer, there are some occasions where you need to access certain companies or brands’ websites for information on your smartphone. Most companies would ignore developing a mobile-friendly website and leads to unnavigable and unattractive websites. Despite being their responsibilities, most website developers would ignore developing a dedicated mobile version of their company’s website as it would require more resources and time to develop. Alternatively, they would create their own mobile app to provide a smoother experience instead of searching for them through the web browsers.

Currently, our smartphones are able to compete even against some of the most expensive DSLR companies as there is a trend among smartphone developers where they would implement 3 camera lenses. Although it might make smartphones look ridiculous, it helps smartphone users to capture high quality videos and pictures. After that, they can post in their social media apps to show off to their family and friends.

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