Top 5 Free Design App To Build Your Business Brand

Top 5 Free Design App To Build Your Business Brand

Before you begin your online business, it is important to have your own brand logo for marketing and make the consumers remember to come back for your products. You can design your own brand logo based on your creativity and vision fitting about your business, or you can search for branding company Malaysia to set up your ideal visual on your brand.

Here are the top 5 free design app to build your business brand and make them famous among your consumers:


It is already established that Canva would be placed at the very top for the app’s vast features on the online design tools which cover more than just logos. Unless you are only after the logo for your brand, you can design banners, prints, and many more which is unlimited for use. With Canva Logo Maker, you are good to go! Canva considers your business and suggests a handful of free templates that you may like to do some analysing before you choose a design of your liking which you can customise using the intuitive tools provided. There are a wide selection of free elements to play and tamper with, unless you do not mind the free selection Canva has, you need to purchase the premium package if you need more choices of designs. Once everything is done and you are satisfied with your design, you may download the finished logo as a PNG or PDF format for free.


If you are looking for a more, sophisticated design app, LogoMakr may be your best bet. Just like any other apps, it provides a set of basic tools. What makes it different from everything else is it has a friendlier range of options and fonts to put your hands on, especially the gradients and flat fills among the highlights of the editing app. However, it is a matter of finding the best befitting icon according to your business taste until you are happy with the cluster of texts and shapes piling on top of each other for that perfect logo to be out and about. Convert branding companies malaysia in PNG format for free and you are done and dusted.


Ever heard of a genius app which can inspire you to various kinds of designs just by the name of your company? MarkMaker is a simple yet clever app which creates the right logo for you by intelligibly using your business name and in an instant, the app will generate suggestions of the logo designs. No rush, take your time to pick the most ideal logo for your brand in just one tap. Furthermore, you can influence the process by adding information about the roles your company plays and the app will do its job to create more designs according to your preferences. Sure, it may take a few scrolling and clicking, but until a masterpiece is created which you love, your effort will not go to waste. Download it in PNG or SVG format and voila, you got yourself the logo of your mind.

It’s that easy to use and you won’t have any trouble with your logo again!

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Why Having A Unique Brand Logo Is Important

Creating a unique brand design for your products or company can be extremely difficult. As if coming up with names isn’t difficult on its own already, having a design to stand out among your competitors is even more difficult. Thanks to the internet, there are multiple softwares that allow even amatuer designers to create their own brands as some softwares can be used for free with limited features such as Graphic Spring, Creative Bloq and Logo Maker. This is why companies would hire qualified designers to provide more aesthetically-pleasing designs to attract more consumers or customers. 

If done well, creative designs can help people to easily associate the design with its appropriate company. Think about some of the fast food restaurants, for example. When you see or hear “McDonald’s”, “KFC” or “Baskin Robbins”, you can immediately imagine their logos; the big yellow M, the whitened Colonel Sanders and the letter BR. The importance of designing a brand logo is to become as memorable as possible to the general public even children and the elderly can remember easily. Because brand designs are the company’s identity, some newly established companies who have similar designs with major companies will affect the original design’s reputation. 

One of the great examples of such cases is when Victoria Secret had to sue Victor’s Little Secret for not only sharing a similar name, but also using the same brand design while selling adult toys. Because it uses the same brand design, Victor’s Little Secret is actively ruining Victoria Secret’s reputation as Victoria Secrets has only sold women beauty products and undergarments. This caused the court to favor Victoria Secret and revisit and amend its Trademark Illusion Act to prevent any similar cases from happening in the future. Despite that, it doesn’t stop companies from copying designs of their more successful competitors. As some softwares are made for free, certain brand designs tend to look similar to their major competitors. However, this could serve as an alternative for young designers who could not afford to purchase softwares to build up experience while gaining more knowledge although the features they have access to are limited.

A branding agency Malaysia can help smaller and growing companies to design their brands if they could not hire a designer. These branding agencies act as a middleman to help them stand out by providing counselling and meeting or even exceeding their clients’ expectations. They also help older companies to redesign their brand logos to “modernize” their design and become more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In this modern era, plagiarism is becoming more common, but more people are becoming aware of plagiarism to prevent the damage they will do to their reputation. If you are an aspiring designer, there is nothing wrong with using free or pirating designing softwares if it helps you to improve your skills as long as you don’t copy existing designs and call it your own.

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Types Of Construction Adhesives According To Their Strength, Application Surface, Composition And Cure

There are endless glues, glues and construction adhesives. Adhesives can be classified into different types according to their strength, the support on which they are to be applied, their material or their type of cure.

Types of construction adhesives according to their resistance:

Higher strength adhesives

Resistance is one of the main factors to take into account since a glue of greater resistance will allow us to glue heavier elements that need a greater grip. 

These can be used in exterior and interior construction. Another of its advantages are its great durability and its resistance to bad weather.

These glues can bond a wide variety of heavy materials such as slab-type panels, brick cladding or something lighter such as wood, treated wood, etc.

Lower strength adhesives

Lower strength construction adhesives are also suitable but only for light heavy materials and interiors. Can be used for plasterboard, paneling, and trim. These, unlike the more resistant adhesives, offer easier cleaning.

Types of construction adhesives according to the surface:

Metal Adhesives

Metal is one of the most widely used construction materials due to its great durability and strength.  

The most common are iron and aluminum, in both cases they must have good water resistance, that is, we will look for a waterproofing glue. Likewise, if these metals are located in an outdoor area, they must be resistant to the elements.

Another option is to glue the metal to polystyrene pieces, in which case the hot glue gun is necessary.

Special adhesives for ceramic pieces

Once again, the fact that it is waterproofing is an essential characteristic, both with regard to the resistance of the joint against water, as well as water vapor or other liquids. This will also mean that it can be painted with water-based paints. 

The porosity that  ceramic pieces usually present, even those that have been vitrified or have undergone what is commonly called post-firing, is greater than that of other materials. 

Adhesives for Plastic

The first thing to know is that there are different types of plastics and for each of them the adhesive must be different. 

One of the most used, polystyrene plastic from chemical company Malaysia will need epoxy glue, cyanoacrylate or a polymer glue. 

But this last type of glue for plastics, for example, is not suitable for ABS plastics.

4 Good Reasons To Shop At The Market!

Got Fresh Veggies?

Before you continue to read our article, just know that we have articles posted on our page to serve your various interests. Do you know why great chefs love to shop at the market? They are specialists when it comes to cooking because they like to use good products for their dishes. And if they buy their products at the market, it is not for nothing! Discover 4 good reasons to shop at the market and follow the example of the great chefs!

Why shop at the market? Fresh Vegetables: Grocery & Gourmet Food: Mushrooms & Truffles,  Peppers, Sea Vegetables & More

# 1 Have a few fresh air and take a walk!

Going to the market is first of all to leave your home and to walk! In general, it’s a fun time. And you don’t even feel that you are doing your 30 minutes of physical activity recommended by the National Health Nutrition Plan. Having a regular physical activity is good for your health. an essential reason to go for a walk to the market, whether it is Sunday or not!

# 2 Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

In supermarkets, you too often see fruits and vegetables that are absolutely out of season. People are increasingly dealing with fruits/vegetables grown at times when they are not supposed to grow. They are either imported or packed with pesticides and fertilizers in order to produce them out of season to please consumers. Remember that each fruit and vegetable has its season that you can get from vegetable same day delivery kuala lumpur. You can also discover the list of seasonal fruits and vegetables each month in OnGrocer Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Calendar section.

# 3 Know where what you eat comes from

Another advantage of shopping at the market: knowing where what you eat comes from. By going to the market, you can directly rub shoulders with those who grow what you eat. You can interact directly with producers, including how they pamper their fruits and vegetables. In particular, you will be able to find out whether they grow their products organically or not. that is to say grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

# 4 the sharing market

Going to the market also means being able to exchange tips with producers! You can ask for advice on how to cook or how to prepare fruits and vegetables.

It is also the best way to discover new foods (ex: vegetables of yesteryear) and to amaze your taste buds with new recipes! You can even taste before you buy. to be sure of your choice!

4 Things You Should Do In A Casino

Casinos are notorious for their gambling and quite famous for the people who go there as well. Of course, most of them are your average joes but there are times an extremely well-off person pops up to blow off their money. Some people are even known clients of casinos and have special cards that can be shown to prove their loyalty. That’s right just like your bank’s credit card, casinos have loyalty cards too! However, they are exclusive to clients who spend a huge sum of money there at a time. Besides the typical gambling here are 4 other things you can do in a casino.

Group Of Friends Playing Roulette In Casino

If you’ve ever heard of some of the most popular casinos in the world, they all have one thing in common. Great service, great atmosphere and of course, great food. Food is the fuel these gamblers use to channel their energy. This is not a malaysia casino website where you can eat potato chips and eat ramen. We’re talking about the real-deal so they’ve got to have some real food. In a place like the Caesar’s Palace which is a gambling haven, there are so many restaurants serving food from professional and celebrity chefs. They’ve got anything and everything you can ask for since you’re the star of the show.

You can also go to a gift store in the casino. Casinos are not known for their gift stores but they are not to be underestimated. Their gift stores are off high value and only the wealthiest people can purchase their overpriced products. Casino gift stores usually offer high value products such as gold figurines or betting chips designed in platinum to show off to others. All of these are great souvenirs if you know what to do with them but they are not something most people go after as the value plummets the moment you place your hands on them.

Next, if you’re heartbroken over the losses you’ve incurred within a day, you can do so by drinking your hearts out. Some of the best casinos and nearly every single one in the world has a bar. Most casinos sell overpriced alcohol. You know what I’m talking about. That 3$ beer somewhere else is all of a sudden 11$ just because it’s in a casino. Casino bars also have premium alcohol that you can’t get in most other places. It could be the infamous Ace of Spades or a platinum Label or even a never-before-seen Louis Cognac XIII. The more well taken care of the casino is the better the bar you’ll be drinking at.

If you’re at the casino for a day, you can also do the unthinkable and work over there. All casinos understand the money their clients are earning are coming off their jobs whether it be passive or active income. Ask politely enough, and the employees will find a suitable place for you to work peacefully. Some casinos even have private seating areas which when unused can be used to be your private desk area. All it takes is being polite. It’s not impossible to see someone working there but more it’s impossible to see someone focusing on their work there since all someone ever does is gamble in a casino.

We hope we have changed your perspective on what you can do in a casino. Next time when you’re at one, we want you to try out one of these suggestions. You don’t always have to gamble when you’re in a casino but we encourage you to have fun when you’re in one.

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Bangsar Real Estate Perfect Purchase

v The real estate market in fact always offers really interesting offers, which however deserve to be evaluated with some attention. In fact, in Salerno as in all other Italian cities, unpleasant surprises are always around the corner and buying a property is a delicate operation that requires caution.

As for the houses for sale Bangsar Real Estate is able to satisfy anyone because on the market it is possible to find various types of properties: from villas to studios in the historic center. Before concluding any negotiation, however, it is advisable to pay attention to some details that are often underestimated.

Evaluate the pros and cons of each area

Buying a home is certainly not a trivial operation and involves an important investment. For this reason it is always important to weigh the pros and cons of each area, in order to avoid regretting having chosen the wrong location. For example, if you intend to buy a house in the historic center it can be a great idea: it is no coincidence that it is the most popular area. However, you must consider that the average prices are higher and that the historic center of Salerno is busy. If you prefer to live in a quiet area, you should consider other options such as Fisciano which is located about ten kilometers from the city. In this case you could buy, at the same price, a larger house and perhaps surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Prefer homes with parking spaces

Especially if you intend to buy a house in the historic center of Salerno, it is definitely advisable to choose a property that is also equipped with a parking space. In fact, we are talking about a very busy city where it is not always easy to find a parking space. Having a private garage is undoubtedly a great advantage, even if it involves an increase in expense.

Always ask for energy certification

What many still don’t know is that nowadays anyone who sells or decides to rent a property is required by law to present the energy certification (APE). This certifies the energy efficiency class to which the house belongs and is very important because it allows you to understand how much you will spend on heating or air conditioning. If the energy class is low you can also lower the price of the property because this is an element that greatly affects its value.

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Great Property Solutions in Titiwangsa Now

Do you own a house or any condo in Bangsar that you would like to rent out to others for a long time and thus secure a passive income, but you do not want to start unnecessarily? We bring you 10 useful tips that will make your decision easier.

What to watch out for

In the case of a long-term lease, it is necessary to take into account the special provisions of the Civil Code, which provide significantly greater protection to the tenant. If you come across problematic tenants who stop paying rent, you will be saved not only by a quality lease, which really thinks of everything but also by a detailed handover protocol.

“If you decide to rent your house or apartment for a longer period of time, you can count on a smaller initial investment. You are not obliged to furnish the apartment and at the same time ensure a stable income. You will also have a number of worries for example; long-term rent is exempt from value-added tax.

Determining the price of rent

Choose the rental price with regard to the condition of the property, the market price of rents in the locality, but also transport accessibility. For potential tenants, the location is crucial in many cases. Remember that the better the apartment looks, the more advantageous you rent it, so don’t forget to equip it with at least basic equipment. The amount of rent consists of the payment of rent and the fee for services, while the services are usually listed separately. But beware and make sure the repair fund and house management are included in the rent, not in the services. you don’t want your apartment for rent in Puchong to be a hassle that causes you a loss. Various online tools will help you to conduct a quick survey of prices in the long-term rental market.

Including services in rent

Services can be included in the rent as a flat rate, where the tenant pays the same amount every month without the need for billing. However, this directly encourages the tenant to use the services indefinitely, which can also reduce your rental earnings.

The second option is to determine exactly how much money the tenant will pay for the service and this together with an annual bill according to actual consumption.

The third option, the best for you, is the transcription of energy to the tenant. As a result, you cannot pay any arrears. Before arranging a personal meeting with a person interested in housing in Titiwangsa, it pays to find out, for example, whether he is not in the Insolvency Register, the Central Register of Executions, or whether he is not an executive of the company in liquidation. This could be an indicator of future insolvency. Organize the personal meetings themselves effectively to save time for yourself and those interested, and prepare well for any questions.

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Get Oriented with the Typical Characteristics of a Bungalow-Type Property

Among the many options of properties is the bungalow type. Yes, and so if you are about to shop for a property in Batu Caves or in KL Sentral, you should consider this type. Yes, there are different types of properties and in this article, we will talk about the distinct characteristics of the bungalow type. 

The thing is, bungalows are not in different designs. While there are distinct types, there are also a lot of modifications. So, what are these characteristics that are typical in a bungalow type of property? Check this out:

  • Most of the time, a bungalow is just considered as a small size compared with the other types of properties. But as mentioned, there are now a number of modifications like an additional upper floor and so on. You will typically find the rooms on one floor only in which the living room is in the middle part. 
  • Usually, you will find that a bungalow comes with a verandah. As a matter of fact, it would be strange if you find one without it and it is most of the time roofed in a steeply pitched design. 
  • Another distinctive characteristic of a bungalow-type property is the windows. Yes, it usually comes with a number of windows in varying designs. The most common though is the double or single-hung design. But you can see a type of bungalow with casement windows. 

Do you think that this is the type of property that you want? Does the Bungalow or House for sale in Petaling Jaya is up to your standards? Do you think that this will be enough for your family? Well, the thing about bungalows is they can be expanded. That is right as you can add another floor while at the same time, you can still add more space backward or sideward. That is because a bungalow type of property comes with an allotted land. You can usually garden at the back and instead of that, you have the option to turn it into more rooms for your home. 

So, what do you think? If the bungalow type is what you need, you should start looking for such a type. The best way and fastest for that matter is to hire a broker. A broker will usually know what to do the moment you will relay your requirements. He can also help you in getting a good deal as bargaining is part of his skills.

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A Good Resting Place in Bangsar

Are you planning to have a tour of Malaysia, like maybe their capital city where the twin towers are? Well, Kuala Lumpur has so many amazing things to offer aside from the twin towers and for sure you already know that, and this is why you are planning to include this part of the globe to your itinerary. 


Yes, you will surely enjoy your vacation if you will sidetrip to Malaysia. However, you have to know that even if Malaysia is known to be affordable when it comes to its cost of living, you can expect that when it comes to the capital city, there is a difference. After all, this is the center of everything and most of the time, when that is the situation, the cost is also high. 

So, do you think it is fine to just find a place in Kuala Lumpur or maybe you want to check out a more affordable alternative like in Bangsar for example. If you stay the suburb mentioned, it is expected their prices are more affordable compared to the one in Kuala Lumpur. But it does not mean that the quality is inferior as the difference lies only in the location. 

That is right as the properties for rent in the said suburb that is just a distance from the capital city are high-end. They are fully furnished with top grade appliances while at the same time, they are also surrounded with amenities that are really useful like spa, salon, gym, a pool and still many others. 

It will be a good vacation for sure, whether you will be with your family or on your own. The choices of properties are all amazing that there might be times when you just one to stay put and enjoy your accommodation. You will be enticed to just enjoy what your accommodation can offer as it is not only aesthetically amazing, at the same time, it is also quite beautiful. 

So, do you think that looking for a house for sale in bangsar instead is more practical? Do you think this should be what you will do? If this is what you plan to do, you can book the bangsar house for sale now so you will get the best spot! Yes, that is the good thing with our technology these days as you can book a property for rent even if you are in another country. You only need to find a broker that can accommodate you and you only need to send all the needed documents to process your booking. 

When you are working hard to provide for your family, it is just right that you also find some time to have fun and spend quality time with them. After all, all work and no play can make you a boring person. Besides, your kids are not always young you know. In time, they cannot be with you anymore as they too, will start their own family, so make the most of it now!

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sex toys

How to be Okay After a Divorce

It is really tough dealing with a divorce. After all the chaos, you will start living on your own or maybe with your kids. There will be so many changes in your life that sometimes, when everything is already quiet, you might wonder if the divorce is indeed good for you, or it would have been better if you just endure the problems generated by you and your husband living together. 

sex toys

Yes, but the thing is, no matter how you will regret, the divorce is already done, and it would be pathetic if you will beg your ex-husband to take you again. Yes, it will be lonely especially when you are about to go to bed knowing you will be alone. But if you miss your husband, you can just use one of the many sex toys Malaysia that are now available in the market. Yes, this is a far cry compared to your husband, but at least this will give you some exciting time even if you are already alone for the time being. 

How can you deal with a divorce? How can you accept that you are now single without having to think of bad things? The following tips might help you:

  1. Grieve

Yes, you should grieve as after all, you lose the person you have promised to love for the rest of your life. This is why, if you are sad and lonely because of him or simply because you wasted some of your best years with him, then just go and feel sad. You should not deny yourself of that as in fact, it would be a denial if you won’t. 

  1. Professional Support

If you think you can’t cope up with the divorce all on your own, you should seek professional support. You see, peace of mind is very important, especially when you just have gone through a lot. If you want to start anew, considering you might have kids, it would be best if you will be with the skills of professional support providers. 

  1. Personal Support

Another option is to ask a friend to be with you for the time being while you are still having a hard time. Do you have someone whom you feel quite comfortable with? Maybe you have a very close sister or even brother whom you can spill out all your sentiments with. Trust me, it will really help a lot if you can unload what makes you feel down. 

  1. Self Empathy

Have empathy for yourself. Tell yourself why you need to divorce, especially if you are the one who initiated it. You have to remind yourself why divorce is the best option and you did try to hang on then, but you just feel so depressed. 

It is not easy for sure as you have probably spent a lot of years with your ex-husband. But then again, you would have wasted more years if you did not try to get out!

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