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4 Types of Signal Converters

Signal converters are a tool for transforming signals from sensors to industrial current signals, translating analog input signals to analog output signals, normalizing signals, or isolating signals. According to variations in the calculated data such as temperatures, stresses, and voltages, the electrical signals recorded by a device are of a particular type. Which makes it hard to insert the data straight through control circuits. Hence, it is important to cover up or standardize the data to a simple easy-to-use signal type.

Signal converters or conditioners are secondary tools designed to intensify, categorize, acclimatize, scale, and transform low-level “real” signals created by several transducers and turn them into the required industry standard high-level signal until they are distributed through potentially disruptive environments. In certain instances, the signal separation is given by a secondary feature.

Types of Converters


The consequences of field issues may be reduced by electrically insulating control devices in a control room from difficulties induced by the ground setting.

Thermocouple Converters

A thermocouple determines the temperature in a gas-fired furnace. The temperature is transformed by distributing it through a thermocouple converter to a standardised DC signal. The signal is then fed into the device. Through matching the temperature to the fixed value and turning a lever, the controller will regulate the temperature within the furnace.

Load Cell Converters

The effects of the calculation from a load cell will be shown digitally on a digital panel indicator. An alert may also be emitted for a specified level utilizing the features of the digital panel indicator, in addition to showing the measurement data.

Pulse Converters

You may conduct the rotary speed regulation by translating a rotary pulse signal from a proximity sensor to an analog signal.

A touch termination, a magnetic pickup, or a pulse of low level can be the input signal to a pulse signal converter. In almost all situations, DC supply voltage is meant to control the signal conditioner or converter.

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