Best Ways to Cook Prawns

Prawns are a great ingredient for midweek meals because they take only minutes to cook. They can be purchased chilled or frozen, raw or ready-cooked. While one may use the words ‘prawns’ and ‘shrimp’ exchangeably, there is a slight distinction between the two. Prawns have a gill system, larger legs and claws while on all other accounts shrimps are smaller. They can also be classified as big shrimps in certain nations. However, the term is culturally distinct.

Prawns may be quick to prepare but they dry out much quicker. There are various ways to cook prawns. This article will enlighten the different ways you can cook delicious prawns.

How to cook them

Here are a few ways to cook prawns and incorporate them in dishes:


The best way is to simply heat oil in a pan to fry until it burns fast. Attach peeled prawns and cook until pink (if a few minutes of pre-cooked usage is enough to heat through).


If you want to boil fresh peeled prawns (for starters, before applying to a prawn cocktail) drop into the boiling water with salt and lemon juice, and steam for three to four minutes until the prawn is pink in color before draining well.


Large raw shell-on prawns can be grilled in the summer either on a griddle, under a hot grill, or on the BBQ. Toss in some oil and season before they transform from a silvery gray color to a vibrant yellow, then cook for around 3 minutes per leg. The prawns are cooked when they are pink in color, they curl up, and they have a firm texture when squeezed.

It’s advisable to avoid cooking prawns on a high flame, and to opt for poaching instead. After dunking the prawns into boiling water, let them cook all the way through. You can even consider steaming them. This is done by marinating the prawns and putting them in a microwave until they are tiny fried and curled up. Pan sauteing and frying are both two common methods for fancy occasions that you might save on.

Prawn recipes

Kerala Fried Prawns

This recipe uncovers the beauty of the ‘land down under’. It also significantly focuses on the fantastic seafood and its exquisite spices. Crisp fried juicy prawns in coconut oil, sizzling mustard seeds, crispy curry leaves, turmeric, spicy chilies with a drop of citrus.

Spicy Sriracha Prawns with Basil

To those of you who can’t get sufficiently hot food, here is something exceptional. The de-shelled prawns are fried in a variety of spices, with green chilli, sriracha chili sauce, fish sauce, fluffy basil leaves, and crunchy onions.

Prawn Curry

A simple bowl of white rice couldn’t taste more delicious than they do with curry prawns. This dish is done by taking and grinding five to six garlic cloves, onions, coconut, and coriander seeds to produce a fine paste. Then, apply water and drain the prawns before they heat all the way clean.

Guilt-free Karwari Prawns

Fried prawns taste good but they also add a bit to your waistline. This beautifully delightful recipe is not only simple but is also a nutritious way to eat crispy fried prawns. Medium sized prawns are filled with lime juice, turmeric, fennel powder, tamarind tea, suji dipped and crisp fried.

In conclusion, prawns are one of the simplest ingredients to cook. They can be made and presented in various ways, and it is simply up to your creativity.

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