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Jobs you Can Do While Studying

In this age where everything requires money, it is hard to live by every day without having some cash and savings in your card. You need to pay to even use a public toilet service these days. In living amidst a capitalistic economy, we have no other choice but to keep up with the currency of the globe and start collecting as much money as we can in order to maintain our quality of life. A drop in the money-making and you will have to experience losing a bit of your living condition as things are getting more and more expensive and unreasonably high at times without any markings of it dropping down to cheaper prices. Things can be a bit harder for students who are just trying to get by with eating and getting their daily needs to study. There are some ways and jobs that students can do to acquire some pocket money while also striving to finish their studies.

One of the comfortable jobs that students these days can start looking into if they are interested in making extra pocket money is multi-level marketing. In participating in this marketing business, you will be able to have a monthly income. Most multi-level marketing only requires you to market and commercialize your products for the general public. Most of them are international companies that are trying to penetrate into global sales by marketing their products locally. For students, most of them just have to regularly update and talk about the products to people around them and keep on updating their social media in regards to the products they are representing. In order to boost your sales even more and make it easier for people to visit, you can build a website of your own with the help of mlm software malaysia. More people will be able to take a peek at your website and sign up right away if they are attracted to it. 

Another job you can take up while also doing your studies is to get a part-time job as a server. Some of the dining restaurants have their own designated time where people primely frequent the place at a certain time as for instance, during dinner. They will require some extra hands on deck to execute the best service for their customers. By applying to work as a server, you can focus on your studies during the days and get all your work done by the evening before going to work at night. You will be able to gain some money while doing this work which can help to fund your needs in your studies.

You can also try searching for more empty spots in doing research helping your lecturers. The key point here is to ask around because we never know what other people think and want. Do not lose your opportunity by going silent. Try approaching your lecturers to ask for the position. They would be more than happy to have their students helping and also paying them. 

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How Does MLM Help Stay-At-Home Citizens

Multi level marketing, or MLM, is one of the few online businesses that businessmen would invest to generate income along with their main occupation. This is because MLM is one of easiest side hustle businesses that can be done by anyone at anywhere, regardless of their background. The people who work under MLM companies are known as distributors as they are in charge of selling whatever products the company left them in charge with. Depending on the company, the products can vary as MLM companies would receive different, smaller companies as their clients. The MLM companies would generate revenue in the form of commission that scales based on the amount of sales done by their distributors.

Due to the coronavirus becoming more dangerous these days, many people are forced to stay at home to protect themselves from getting infected. This also affects businessmen as companies are forced to either limit the workforce within the office or let go some of their employees to keep their business afloat. This is caused by the massive economic recession in the country which affects many other companies, causing a massive spike in unemployment rate everywhere. During this period, MLM receives a massive spike in popularity due to how it works as many distributors are actively recruiting people through social media platforms. As the amount of distributors increases, MLM companies are facing more communication issues with their distributors. Thanks to malaysia mlm software, MLM companies are able to operate more efficiently and increase their productivity. Most of these companies are able to utilize the software to help them distribute important documents and communicate with their distributors more easily. The software also acts as a backup storage to help distributors and suppliers store data in case their data gets deleted by unforeseeable circumstances.

As a newbie distributor, you will feel overwhelmed with all of the features, business practices and many others and you must learn them as soon as possible to maximize your sales. However, MLM is infamous for not providing any educational materials as the companies are not obligated to teach their distributors about the workings of the MLM industry. Therefore, newbie distributors could feel lost at times without learning much about how most MLM-related matters work. The MLM business is also known for not being one of the most viable businesses as a main occupation, so you should not expect to earn a large sum of money by the end of every month. It takes a lot of courage, patience and dedication to the business to see the fruit of your result and earning more than just a few hundred dollars into your account. If you stick into the business long enough, then you will surely become a successful MLM businessman in no time.

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7 Reasons To Study Psychology

The term “psychology” means “study of the soul” and its origin dates back to Ancient Greece, where philosophy served as its foundation.

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What is the Career of Psychology?

If you are passionate about the universe of Psychology, you should know everything that the career can offer you.

To begin with, it is good to clarify that this is one of the few careers without mathematics that you can find. Therefore, if you are looking to escape from this discipline, the Psychology Career will be a great option for you.

Why study psychology?

Many options to specialize

Contrary to popular belief, studying a Career in Psychology offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to specialties. You can apply the studies – according to your personal interests – to many fields, activities and branches of the Social Sciences.

So practicing the profession does not only imply attending an office. The work activities are many since you have the possibility of applying the knowledge to your own interests and passions.

Among the most common fields in which you can specialize are

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Occupational Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Legal Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Health Psychology
  • Psychobiology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Social or Community Psychology

As you will see, there is a large number of guidelines that you can follow to apply to your professional life.

Learn about yourself

If you are considering studying a Career in Psychology, surely you are interested in everything that has to do with thought and emotions, or perhaps you are intrigued by human behavior.

Taking this degree will give you the opportunity to explore, investigate and study the themes related to the mind through the various psychological theories. What does this mean? You will have the necessary tools to discover questions about your behavior and personality that perhaps you had not analyzed.

Understand human relationships

The world of psychology not only allows you to know yourself, but it will also help you understand in a deeper way human relationships as a whole.

You will be able to understand all kinds of language, whether verbal or non-verbal, as well as to interpret emotions, body language, tone of voice, and expressions of the face and body. This will give you the possibility to understand in a deeper way the bonds and dynamics that people develop.

Develop critical thinking

Another pertinent reason to study at Widad University is related to developing critical thinking. Humans are social beings, influenced by a context and a culture that challenges us. There are hundreds of factors that determine your life and condition both your way of being and your perspectives.

Suppose you are fond of fashion, you may consider enrolling for fashion design course in malaysia.

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The Advance Development Of Smartphone Technology

Recently, we’ve seen a rapid development in our technology. When the first smartphone was created, it was only able to serve the internet and have limited access to apps and the internet. Today, the smartphone has improved drastically as we are able to download various games, apps and continue our work at anytime, anywhere. A smartphone can also host a vast amount of data, with the biggest being 1TB. For reference, most apps and mobile games would only take 1-3 GB the most. And to get 1TB, your phone needs 1024 GB worth of data. This much storage can be found in some of the latest computers or created as an external storage which acts as a mobile storage device.

Smartphones have changed how we consume media in recent years as we have access to the social media platforms on our mobile devices, especially when most of them are downloadable for free. When Facebook was first developed, it shaped how we communicate with each other and how we consume content, which works in tandem with mobile devices as you can download its app for free, allowing you to upload and browse through content as freely as you wish. Of course, this kind of freedom would create issues among youths as they use social media platforms as a form of self-gratification. Aside from mental issues, it also exposes them to plenty of physical issues as well. Most youths at a young age would heavily focus on communicating with their friends online that they would primarily draw their attention to the smartphone, especially when they’re walking or driving. As a result, it has caused many avoidable deaths.

With the increase of popularity and usage of the internet, there is a massive demand of website developers malaysia or any skills related to website development as companies are looking for tech savvy individuals who not only know how to create their ideal website, but also understand the trend among their customers and other businesses. Although websites are generally accessible and easier to navigate on a computer, there are some occasions where you need to access certain companies or brands’ websites for information on your smartphone. Most companies would ignore developing a mobile-friendly website and leads to unnavigable and unattractive websites. Despite being their responsibilities, most website developers would ignore developing a dedicated mobile version of their company’s website as it would require more resources and time to develop. Alternatively, they would create their own mobile app to provide a smoother experience instead of searching for them through the web browsers.

Currently, our smartphones are able to compete even against some of the most expensive DSLR companies as there is a trend among smartphone developers where they would implement 3 camera lenses. Although it might make smartphones look ridiculous, it helps smartphone users to capture high quality videos and pictures. After that, they can post in their social media apps to show off to their family and friends.

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Top 3 Japanese Snacks

The food in Japan is one of the best aspects of the country. The choices are as varied as they are delicious, ranging from ramen and sushi to takoyaki and tempura. This high level of consistency can be seen in frozen treats, desserts, and, of course, chocolate. Japan is a sanctuary for anyone with a sweet tooth. We’ll go through some of the best Japanese snacks in this post. No matter if you are young or old, working as one of the custom website developers malaysia or not, spicy instant noodles have been one of the favourite foods or just a quick snack for many generations throughout the years.

Here is a rundown of the top three dishes you must try when visiting Japan. Sushi is an easy option, but there are a plethora of other delectable dishes to sample while you’re here. The best thing is that almost every dish has a distinct regional flavour. Which ensures that after you’ve discovered a recipe you like, you should try it in a different area for a tasty twist on the original. These traditional Japanese Snacks are one of the best and most delicious snacks to have originated from Japan. These snacks are the must try snacks you need to try at least once in your lifetime. 

  1. Gyoza

The popular Japanese gyoza dumplings are crescent-shaped dumplings derived from traditional Chinese jiaozi dumplings. Gyoza quickly became one of the most common Japanese dishes after the recipe was tweaked slightly to fit the Japanese palate.

They are made up of a thin wrapper made from wheat flour, eggs, and water that is stuffed with a meat and vegetable mixture. The stuffing is made of a variety of ingredients, but the most popular are minced pork or ham, cabbage, chives, a large amount of garlic, ginger, and green onions.

  1. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a common Japanese dish that is similar to an omelette or a pancake. Eggs, rice, water, grated yam, and shredded cabbage are used to make the batter. Occasionally, additional ingredients including fish, seafood, beef, vegetables, or cheese are added to the mix.

The batter is then pan-fried, much like a pancake, before being topped with a sauce that resembles thick Worcestershire sauce and garnished with Japanese mayonnaise, pickled ginger, fish or seaweed flakes. The dish is popular throughout Japan, but it is most commonly associated with the Kansai region.

  1. Takoyaki

The thin, round takoyaki, made with a basic egg batter and diced octopus bits, are one of the most well-known Japanese snacks. The typical iron pan in which these tiny balls are grilled gives them their distinctive appearance. The pan is lined with small circular moulds into which the batter is poured and swirled until it takes on the usual round form.

The fluffy egg mixture is made up of wheat flour, soy sauce, and dashi stock, and it’s topped with tender octopus parts after it’s poured into the sizzling moulds. To enhance the flavours of the dish, sliced scallions, pickled ginger, crispy fried tenkasu bits, and dried fish flakes are frequently used. For more articles like this one, click here.

Top 3 Best Anime Live-Action Adaptation That You Have To Know

Due to a drastic spike in the number of COVID-19 cases reaching its highest mark of 3337 cases, the second Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0) made its return with a stricter operation where a total of six states underwent cross restriction. It is best to stay at home until any updates about the MCO are announced, however, it is worth mentioning that staying at one place for too long can cause boredom and makes you question every day on what you should do besides work in trading forex malaysia doing house chores and feeding your cats. 

Well, you are in luck! If you are an avid binge watch geek who needs new shows to watch other than your local anime that you have indulged to for the billionth of time, keep reading this article to introduce yourself to the best anime live-action adaptations that are actually good and may pique your interest to check them out.

Rurouni Kenshin

The live action has two parts which can pass the time for you to delve into the thrilling plot. One thing about Rurouni Kenshin is the show is adapted from the manga of the titular name. It remains a mystery as to how the filmmakers of the adaptation movie can make the live action work, considering not every live action is that good to begin with, but Rurouni Kenshin is a rare gem as it is considered as a successful adaptation to date. Set in a realistic time period of human history, the movie receives acclaim from both fans and critics for its effort to grasp the essence of most anime fans’ childhood as well as the slip of knowledge about the history of the Meiji period.


While anime does include a neverending mecha, supernaturals, and other technology galore, many forget there are other soft vibe anime that can make you all fuzzy inside. Orange does not need those crazy CG effects to make it work in the animation industry, which is one of the factors its live action adaptation sells so well across the globe. Not many expect this slice of life anime to blow up despite its live action depiction of the characters and story, however Orange is lucky enough to hook the audience with its plot elevation as a standard teen drama. The story premise follows Naho Takamiya who receives a letter from her future self by 10 years which provides foresight about Kakeru Naruse and his struggles with his mental health which gives her a chance to correct these mistakes and foster a good relationship with him. What is attractive about Orange is its effortless movement between comedy, drama and romance with every single actor and actresses excelling in bringing the characters to life.

Alita: Battle Angel

Surprised? This Hollywood adaptation of the bestselling manga has been receiving a number of praises from both fans and critics. Though there are a few holes in unanimity for its status as a good adaptation film to watch, it does stay true to its original storyline.

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The Change Of Casino Industry

Casinos are a core aspect of a country as they contribute in improving the country’s economy by attracting tourists to their on-site locations. However, the coronavirus has forced most business companies to reduce their workforce or close down. Because of this, casinos are heavily affected as they rely on generating revenue by attracting people to gamble and use their on-site services. However, they are able to adapt with the new business practice during the pandemic through developing a website to provide access to all of their games.

With the development of technology, every casino company is able to create their own online casino to help their loyal members satiate their cravings for gambling. In addition to having access to all of the games, online casinos provide a daily login bonus that rewards loyal members with more rewards. The more they log into the website, the bigger the rewards with the addition to spin for free. To further incentivise their gamblers to use their online services, online casinos would entice their gamblers to become a member that would provide more bonuses and rewards through a monthly subscription. Each tier is different than the other as higher tier memberships would provide more enticing rewards and benefits but at a steeper price. 

Obviously, gambling is frowned upon by every religion because of its nature, but some religion takes their religious teachings seriously. Most Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Brunei prohibit gambling to reinforce their religious teachings. However, Malaysia is one of the few exceptions as it has other religions, mainly Chinese and Indians, making up the majority of the population after Muslims. This would lead to the establishment of the Sharia Law, which inflicts a more punishing fine and longer sentences than the Betting Act to Muslim offenders. The only issue with these laws is that the punishment is too outdated on today’s standards as anyone, including gamblers, could pay off the fine and the jail sentence is too short. Additionally, the surge of online casinos’ population provides an opportunity for scammers to create their own online casinos. Although the police forces are working hard to track down and close illegal gambling sites as much as possible, more sites like these continue to establish. To make matters worse, police officers are not able to pass down the punishment to the offenders when they gamble in online casinos where gambling is legal. 

Since online casinos are easily accessible through a computer or smartphone, most gamblers prefer to stay at home and gamble instead. It gets rid of the hassle of walking to the token counter to get tokens and you can gamble comfortably in your bed. However, casinos provide a unique atmosphere that would boost your motivation and excitement when you gamble. And the best of all, you can save cost and time without having to drive to casinos.

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Side Job Suggestions That You Can Start Doing

Being an adult, every penny and cent of your money matters as it is to be wired to the correct payment accounts by the end of every month. As an adult, everything that you have is about money such as house rental, groceries and daily food, petrol and car loan as well as juggling to pay your student loan from many moons ago. These things are stressing people days and days because it all seems like they work everyday just to be able to pay all the things by the end of the month. And sadly, this vicious cycle goes on and on until no one knows when. 

Because of this extreme huge and heavy burden that not only young adults have to process through but also for middle-aged ones who are still struggling to make ends meet. Everyone from every group of age is battling a hard time in paying monthly commitments and having nothing else left for them to spend for their own self satisfaction. This is rather saddening because the worsening economy happens due to incompetent higher ups who have been doing nothing at all. As an alternative to a better condition of life, preferably physically and mentally, people have to carry two working positions to enjoy a better amount of money. Therefore, here are some ideas for side jobs that do not require you to work physically.

The first thing you can do as a side job is forex trading. Doing investment in the foreign currencies can bring the best returns out of the small amount of money that you have initially invested in. if you are a beginner who does not have the slightest idea of how forex trading works, it is never a huge problem and nothing that exists that we cannot solve. As there are so many people who have tried this and currently are flourishing well, you can easily check out the best online trading brokers to get the best advice and suggestions when it comes to forex trading. 

Another side job that you can benefit from especially while juggling with another job position is doing a freelancing job. There are a wide range of freelance jobs that you can do. Some instances of freelance jobs are photography, modelling, writing and many more. You can even do and provide services for people and get paid in return. By doing this you will definitely be able to save up a different and separate amount of money for yourself and have fun with it.

It is truly important for people to be happy. It is especially vital to keep a steady head mentally and physically while working. Strong mindset will get you anywhere but it still does not justify how you and yourself are deserving of pampering too. It is never wrong to spoil yourself with a bit of things that you love, food that you enjoy and more things in the world. While also working two or more jobs in a day, you should always put yourself and your health as priorities. 

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The Worst Of Gacha Mobile Games

Video games have become more popular and complex recently as it is able to display realistic graphics and stimulating gameplay that would distract players for multiple hours. As technology continues to develop, smartphones are able to run video games almost as impressive as computers. However, unlike the console and computer counterparts, there are plenty of mobile games that are developed by lesser known developers.

The responsibility of mobile application developers is to create a mobile app for their clients that would meet their requirements. Some of these developers are also working as independent developers to generate their own revenue and create more apps to expand their business. Most of these independent developers are usually game developers who create mobile games with trending game features. Most mobile games tend to attract more players as they are usually free-to-play and accessible to all iOS and Android smartphones. In order to compensate for their free-to-play model, these games would usually generate revenue by implementing the gacha feature that consists of characters and equipment that can be obtained by using in-game currencies. Gacha is a popular genre among the gaming community these days as it is one of the best ways for developers to generate revenue. However, it has garnered a lot of hate by the gaming community as these games usually incentivize players to spend real money if they wish to get their desired equipment and/or characters. 

This has led to the popularity of Genshin Impact as it is an open world free-to-play game that can be played in multiple platforms such as PS4, Xbox, computers and smartphones and it is the first gacha game of its kind. However, it is also one of the most hated gacha games among the gaming community as it is known for having one of the worst drop rates along with other negative factors. It has other ways to compensate for its drop rate by allowing players to convert the currency they received from rolling 4 star equipments or characters and ensuring that they will get a 4 star equipment or characters every 10th roll, but what enrages players the most is the fact that some of 5 star characters are so overpowered that they make high level contents trivial, and that is not an exaggeration. With the recent release of Ganyu, a 5 star Cryo archer, she has dominated almost every content with the exception of Cryo themed contents. This is because she has scaling critical damage per ascension and multiple sources that could increase her chances to crit without her artifacts. With some setup, she could potentially deal up to a hundred thousand damage per charged shot. Until now, she has remained the best damage dealer in the game even with a basic setup, making even the most difficult content beaten within a minute.

Although I can talk more about gacha games, this article will be extremely long. If you are looking to play gacha games, I recommend Guardian Tales, Honkai Impact 3rd and Arknights as they have some of the most generous gacha systems.

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Gamble with Caution

Are you a habitual gambler? Won’t a day last without you gambling? I am pretty sure that if that is your daily routine, your wife is already too pissed. For sure she has been too stressed because of you already. You see, being the head of the family, you are supposed to be the one your family will rely to. Thus, if you can’t really stop yourself from gambling, you should at least make sure that you cannot add to the worries of your wife. 

Yes, your wife is the one who takes care of all of you, including your kids. She is the one who makes sure that everything will be in order in your home. She has enough worries already as it is and thus, instead of adding to them, you should find a way to not be a nuisance. How can you do that? 

One thing that you can do is to not to be late at all times. If you have to be late, at least it should not be to the point where your wife will already be too stressed waiting for you. Again, I am not saying that you should stop betting or gambling if you don’t feel like it. Yes, as you can still do that without really going out or going home late. Instead of betting offline, you can start online toto malaysia or online gambling. 

Have you heard about this? But before doing that, you should first look for a bookmaker. What is a bookmaker? This is a site that will enable bettors to bet for their favorite team. There are already so many bookmakers you can find in the internet, but not all of them are reliable. So, you really need to be careful when choosing one. You should not just choose a bookmaker randomly as that should be quite risky. 

You see, there are gambling sites that will not care whether their players are able to withdraw their winnings. All their care about is to ensure they can make a deposit. You must see to it you won’t end up in that kind of gambling site. This is why it is really important that you choose your bookmaker well. 

By betting online, there will be no need for you to stay late outside your home. This means that there is no need for your wife to be stressed as well. 

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