4 Good Reasons To Shop At The Market!

Got Fresh Veggies?

Before you continue to read our article, just know that we have articles posted on our page to serve your various interests. Do you know why great chefs love to shop at the market? They are specialists when it comes to cooking because they like to use good products for their dishes. And if they buy their products at the market, it is not for nothing! Discover 4 good reasons to shop at the market and follow the example of the great chefs!

Why shop at the market?

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# 1 Have a few fresh air and take a walk!

Going to the market is first of all to leave your home and to walk! In general, it’s a fun time. And you don’t even feel that you are doing your 30 minutes of physical activity recommended by the National Health Nutrition Plan. Having a regular physical activity is good for your health. an essential reason to go for a walk to the market, whether it is Sunday or not!

# 2 Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

In supermarkets, you too often see fruits and vegetables that are absolutely out of season. People are increasingly dealing with fruits/vegetables grown at times when they are not supposed to grow. They are either imported or packed with pesticides and fertilizers in order to produce them out of season to please consumers. Remember that each fruit and vegetable has its season that you can get from vegetable same day delivery kuala lumpur. You can also discover the list of seasonal fruits and vegetables each month in OnGrocer Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Calendar section.

# 3 Know where what you eat comes from

Another advantage of shopping at the market: knowing where what you eat comes from. By going to the market, you can directly rub shoulders with those who grow what you eat. You can interact directly with producers, including how they pamper their fruits and vegetables. In particular, you will be able to find out whether they grow their products organically or not. that is to say grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

# 4 the sharing market

Going to the market also means being able to exchange tips with producers! You can ask for advice on how to cook or how to prepare fruits and vegetables.

It is also the best way to discover new foods (ex: vegetables of yesteryear) and to amaze your taste buds with new recipes! You can even taste before you buy. to be sure of your choice!

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